Minnesota/Midwest ABA Grand Champion

1si in Beef Brisket, 1st in Chicken, 4th Pork, 4th in Ribs

With teams competing from all over the United States and mnay from Pitmasters.

Fire Fightin Cookin Crew Competition Rig

Fire Fighting Cookin Crew 


         This is only a category listing of awards at thier highest level

         The Fire Fightin Cookin Crew has over 150 awards

                                      1st Place                                      

                                 Beef Brisket                                





Side Dish

Smoked Cheese



Wild Game

Anyhing But

Most Friendly



2nd Place


Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational

The "Jack" invites the top 30 teams from the US and a similar amount from teams through out the world. The Fire Fightin Cookin Crew finished in the middle of the pack witht he exception of desert. The desert was 15th in the world.

Minnesota State Chanpionship 2003

American Royal National Championship

The Invitational is by qualification only by winning a state championship. The open division has over 500 teams competing and the Fire Fightin Cookin Crew finished 6th over all in Pork. The FireFightin Cookin Crew is consitantly rated in the top 2% of all cooking teams in the US.

Community Service

 Excel   Performance

Head Cook:           Captain Mike

Pit Crew:                Jenny




The Fire Fightin Cookin Crew is a professional competition cooking team specializing in out door cooking. The Fire Frightin Cookin Crew has won many awards through out the United States. The team has also been featured on the food,channeltravel channel and teaches at Byerly's  Culinary Institute. The team does not do any catering they only compete and do communtty service events.